How should the stone extraction basket be used?

The stone extraction basket is generally a product that needs to be used for urinary stones. Generally, when the stone cannot be fixed at the beginning of crushing, the stone extraction mesh basket is needed to fix the crushed stone, and if the stone is taken out, the stone extraction mesh basket is also required.

For most beginners, their concept of the stone basket is just a "tool for picking stones", which is not the case.

How to use the stone basket:

1. To choose a suitable mesh basket, it mainly depends on the shape of the mesh basket, the diameter of the mesh basket, and whether to use or spare an emergency lithotripter (generally, the endoscopy center is routinely prepared).

2. Regarding the diameter of the basket, the corresponding basket should be selected according to the size of the stone.

3. Regarding the technique of removing stones, put out the net basket above the stones, and test the stones under radiography observation. Of course, EST or EPBD should be performed according to the size of the stone before taking the stone.

4. Conditions for taking stone basket: 1. There is enough space above or beside the stone for the basket to open; 2. Avoid taking too large stones. In this case, the basket cannot be taken even if it is fully opened.

Lithotomy for the treatment of urinary calculi is a practical minimally invasive operation with a high success rate. For non-sand-like stones, the stone extraction net basket is often used, which is an effective, economical and convenient treatment method that does not require hospitalization, less pain, and quick recovery.

About how much is the one-time removal of the stone net basket, consult the manufacturer of the stone net basket, the price of the stone net basket is more realistic!