Disposable guide wire for urinary tract

Disposable guide wire for urinary tract - Zebra Guide Wire

Disposable guide wire for urinary tract

Disposable urinary tract guide wire (also known as: zebra guide wire, blue zebra guide wire, loach guide wire)
Scope of application: Used as an auxiliary catheter and minimally invasive dilation and drainage kit under endoscope, it plays the role of support and guidance.
Product Features
1. High bending resistance: Titanium-nickel alloy inner core, good torsion control and maneuverability, excellent bending resistance;
2. Soft tip design: the unique soft tip structure avoids potential tissue damage;
3. PTFE plastic coating layer: small friction coefficient and excellent lubricity;
4. The uniform blue and white stripes on the surface are helpful to judge the movement of the guide wire under the endoscope.



Note: For other details, please refer to the instruction manual.